When is the BEST TIME to buy Life Insurance?

By goodwillinsurancebrokers | Financial Planning

Mar 02
man thinking when is the best time to buy insurance

So you must have heard the best time to buy insurance is when you are young and healthy and everything is perfect… or when you don’t need it… well that is true… !!

BUT if you think more carefully.. the “Best Time” to buy insurance is technically “ONE DAY BEFORE YOU DIE”… #LOL Isn’t that maximum return against my premium paid???

Well however true that may seem, UNFORTUNATELY none of us truly know when we will die.. so it could be today?!? Couldn’t it??

So the best time to buy insurance was Yesterday.. HOWEVER; we cant turn back the clock.. SO the question remains: Do you want to have this regret tomorrow? (“I wish I had insurance yesterday”)

SO the only time you can truly act is “TODAY” … Buy what you can today..

We all have heard: The Past is History, The Future is a Mystery, THE only thing you have is TODAY and that is why it is called “THE Present”

The cost of delay will be paid by those who you love; Do Not Delay your decision to secure the people you love.. it still continues to be your choice… 

Question: When is the Best Time to buy Life Insurance?

Answer: The Best Time TO BUY Life Insurance is NOW!!

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