A proven success and crowd favourite as he speaks at some of the biggest events in the financial services industry, Dr Sanjay is a whirlwind of energy who has that rare ability to captivate his audience from the very start and inspire them to take real, concrete action.

Dr Sanjay’s biggest strength is his natural ability to break apart complex financial concepts and craft them into simple, easy to follow steps that anyone can execute. His presentations are unrivalled in their ability to deliver a noticeable impact on sales results for his clients just weeks after and it is no wonder all his events are sold out well in advance. As the youngest member to join the million dollar round table and having achieved Top of the Table 13 times, Dr Sanjay’s expertise in this field is highly regarded and sought after wherever he goes.

Dr Sanjay Tolani on stage giving financial tips



​*Special Pricing Available  for Bulk Purchases

For Companies & Agencies*

Sanjay Mentoring Meet Up Family

The Future Financial Advisor Event That You Cannot Miss!

On a quarter to quarter basis, Dr Sanjay organised his own meet up for his mentoring family. During this meet up, agencies and companies comes together to learn from

Dr Sanjay.

In this meet up, he shares updated strategies that he has recently own. The seminar is designed to help advisors to gain better industry knowledge and financial planning skills so that they can help more families and companies to get the RIGHT protection.

Upcoming Meet Up: Retirement Planning 2019 (12 Apr 2019 - 20 Apr 2019 )

Location: Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia & Malaysia

Inner Circle Coaching

Inner Circle Coaching

For Advisors Aiming To Earn $500 000+ Commissions

Whether you are new in this industry or has been in this industry for a long time, but struggling to get to the next level, the Inner Circle Coaching program  is the fast track and shortcut to your first US$500,000 commissions. Work with Dr Sanjay's closest team of top advisors to get to the next level. 

This program includes group support, live masterminds, and the best training programs Dr Sanjay offers.

Direct Disciple Program

Direct Disciple Program:

For Advisors Earning Beyond $500 000+ Commissions

The MOST IMPRESSIVE program for financial advisor you will ever participate. Mingle with Dr Sanjay's most elite group friends and clients - his inner circle - are 7-figure top advisors growing to reach the 8-figure mark. 

Direct 1:1 access to Dr Sanjay himself, plus in-person mastermind events twice a year. This is by application only. Only 10 persons are selected for this every year.


Hire Dr Sanjay Tolani:

Information on 1:1 Consulting & Speaking Engagements

If you're interested in consulting or speaking with Dr Sanjay, his fees for events are below:

  • Lunch - (to pick his brain) Starts at $10,000. 
  • Speaking Engagements - Starting from $20,000.
  • Train Your Team - $50,000 for 2 days intensive training and mastermind.
  • Corporate Book Bundle

    Corporate Book Package

    For Companies Who Wants To Hire Dr Sanjay

    The best gift for your advisors is to teach them the ability to upgrade themselves. Dr Sanjay can provide your team with the right learning kit for them to improves on their skills. 

  • 1,000 Book Bundle - US$50,000
  • 2,000 Book Bundle - US$80,000
  • 5,000 Book Bundle - US$150,000

    Bonus: Each bundle comes with an online access to Dr Sanjay's Online Training Videos (Worth Us$97)

    The Future Advisor System:


    This Future Advisor Learning system is an online program specifically structured to help advisors to learn proper financial planning skills. For our members who have been with us for a long time, they know how this system has helped them to break those DIFFICULTIES, and then gave them permission to change themselves, so they could help more people get covered by insurance.

    What will be covered:

    Module 1: Learn About Presentation 

    Module 2: Learn About Objection Handling

    Module 3: Learn About Closing

    Module 4: Learn About Up Selling and Recommendation

    Find out how you can get an access login for all your advisors in your team!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I hire Dr Sanjay Tolani For My Company/Agency? 

    Drop Dr Sanjay a message and he will follow up with you. 

    I am a new advisor, how can Dr Sanjay help me? 

    For new advisor, Dr Sanjay strongly recommends you to read up on all his books, before you try to participate in any programs. He believes he has already documented most of his experiences in his books. 

    However, if you're up for the challenge, try applying for the program.

    My company budget is not enough for me to hire Dr Sanjay, any solutions? 

    Drop Dr Sanjay a message and he will see if the purpose of the training matches with his purpose to raise the standards of the industry. If it matches, anything is negotiable. 


    Would I get a discount if I engage Dr Sanjay & also purchase the corporate book package?

    Definitely! Drop us a message and we can discuss about it. 

    How effective is Dr Sanjay's teaching compared to other trainers?

    Firstly, Dr Sanjay is a practitioner himself. Unlike other coaches and trainers, the strategies he teaches are tested and proven by himself and his inner circle personally. 

    Secondly, Dr Sanjay has a data driven tech team that ensure that his strategies are applicable to the advisors. 

    Lastly, all proceeds that Dr Sanjay receive are donated to charity because speaking is not his main business.


    Concept Presentation

    Learn about how to do a proper financial planning presentation. Dr Sanjay will show you 9 of his winning presentation & provide you the theories and practical behind all these presentations so you can be creative and come up with your own presentations. He will also teach the the art and science behind getting your clients to be interested into listening about your presentation.

    28000 DAYS - Circle Of Life

    This is his winning talks where he teaches advisors how to sell insurance. During this talk, not only he teaches advisors the dos and don't in the industry, he dive deep down into the challenges they will face in this career. Lastly, he shows advisors how he personally persuade his clients to buy from him. 

    Maximising Your Case Size

    This  is a 4 hour seminar specifically designed to help YOU maximise your customers potential after signing.

    The first 2 hours talking about how to maximise your case size by up-selling. Dr Sanjay will teach you a set of strategies that ties massive value to your products.In the last 2 hours, Dr Sanjay is going to show you how to get your existing clients to warmly refer you better quality clients. Think of it like a step by step guide on increasing the size and quality of your clients. 

    Objection Handling

    Discover how to handle any financial objections using the universal objection circle.

    Dr Sanjay will run you through the common objection face by financial adviser & step by step script on how you deal with it.  He even teaches you how to turn negative objections into positive language. 

    Closing Strategy Blueprint

    Dr Sanjay will teach you insights on how to close a deal genuinely, to do so without getting labelled as ‘that irritating financial planner’. These 4 hours will be crucial if you have never gotten training in closing before.

    No matter how good you think you are at being genuine and real, there are proven practices and techniques that the pros use to increase their closing ratio exponentially - practices and techniques that this seminar will cover.

    Retirement Planning

    Dr Sanjay will talk about intergenerational planning and how you go about securing a stable income for your clients after they retire. 

    Dr Sanjay Tolani on stage giving financial tips


    Are you serious about taking your Financial Planning to the NEXT LEVEL?  

    Dr Sanjay Tolani Has Help Countless of Corporate and individual to grow their wealth and achieve their  financial goals... And you can be one of them too! 

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    Listen To Those Who Have Benefited

    "After learning from Dr Sanjay, i now understand how to plan a profitable portfolio for my own clients. In fact, my clients are so satisfied with my services that they recommend me to their peers too. Thank you Dr Sanjay"

    Wei Ming

    Financial Advisor

    "Dr Sanjay has provided me a NEW perspective in financial planning. I now understand why people call him the LEGEND in the financial planning world. What he teaches is highly applicable to my line of profession."

    James Huang

    Financial Advisor

    "I was a bit stuck with my corporate financial planning until i met Dr Sanjay. He easily clear my worries with regards to how to structure the finances of my company. Thank you Dr Sanjay and your team! "

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