Sep 17
dr sanjay tolani giving speech about money or values

If you give Money to your children and you don’t give them Values; the Money will be LOST.

BUT if you give them Values and don’t give any Money; then the Values will also be LOST.

THE REASON IS: The hungry stomach is stronger than “Value Systems”. We all know stealing is bad; but when a person is hungry they will be tempted to steal.

Money is not good : Money is not bad; Money is Power and Values will show them where to use this power. SO the best combination is to give your children a lot of money and a lot of values and watch them impact the world.

If you had the option to choose how much money you would like to leave for your kids… How much would it be? This can be created by “You” over your life time and till you hit that target; Use Insurance to create it for you. INSURANCE is your tool to create what you dream off. INSURANCE is not a product; it is a replacement of what could not be finished in our life time. USE it to create the future you want to see for your family. – Sanjay Tolani